HOTD 2011

Our amazing list of speakers included:

Darren Jew
Peter Coulson
Christopher Frederick Jones
Michelle Kenna
Kim Tonelli
Matt & Katie
Todd Hunter McGaw
Adam Finch
Craig Wetjen
Jasmine Star
Dan O'Day
Sue Bryce
Alicia Adamopolous
Steve Saporito

HOTD2011 was perfectly summed up by John Reyment from Reyment Photographics:

"Ok, it’s a strange name for those who don’t know what it is but last weekend marked the 10th running of the AIPP Queensland “Hair of the Dog” Conference.

Over three days, the conference is the jewel in the crown of photography seminars in Queensland. I blocked out my calendar, I wanted to learn for the three days. HOTD had fabulous keynote speakers and simultaneous workshops and the opportunity to network with old friends and make new ones. Having been a professional trainer for 10 years and a photographer with Reyment Photographics for more than 15, it was a great experience to listen to my peers, be inspired and reflect.

Highlights for me were presentations by California’s celebrated wedding photographer Jasmine Star, she was just “AWEsome”, her story is relatively short but what an impact she has made. The use of social media and blogging was a key part of her presentation. A special thank you to Jasmine for coming all this way to Brisbane.

Nature Wildlife and underwater photographer Darren Jew got the whole dog thing rolling with a keynote presentation sharing his works, thoughts from his road trip to Brisbane, thoughts on taking a moment to rekindle your love of taking photos and a discussion of the work of US photographer Vivien Maier. I went to Lord Howe Island with Darren for a photo tour many years ago, I was delighted to hear him say it remains one of his favourite places for photos. Photographing gannets from a cliff top is an experience I will always remember. I must get my transparencies out from that trip and have a reminisce.

The adorable Sue Bryce shared her approach to glamour portraits; “Portrait Couture” is what it is about, elegant simplicity comes to mind for me. Sue’s personality is so engaging, her images gorgeous, I want a collection for my wife!

Michelle Kenna fresh from Ireland shared some Photoshop tips and a fabulous resource list for photographers. Michelle has been retouching images in Ireland for celebrity portraits and is back in Brisbane for a few months.

The current AIPP Photographer of the Year Peter Coulson demonstrated his lighting techniques in the studio and shared stories of his shoots; simplicity again was the theme, awesome stuff. Thanks Peter.

A print auction of images from speakers and AIPP Masters of Photography was held, an initiative of Cameron Atree. Thanks Cam, over $15,000 was raised for the Premiers Disaster Relief AppealTony Holden from CRKennedy is the proud owner of one of my prints sold at auction, my image of Lyon which won a Gold Award graces his home.

Matt and Katie demonstrated fusion photography; that is the combination of video and stills. Workshop participants got out their DSLR’s and put them in video mode and aimed them at Hayley and Roger, a gorgeous couple Matt and Katie had photographed previously. Matt showed a quick demo of Final Cut Pro, lots of time can be eaten up here.  Results though, wow. Note to self, best results are when the video footage is different content to the stills. Double note to self, it is hard to switch from video to stills in  your mind, they are different creative pursuits.

And so the final day arrived, I saw Brisbane’s very own Todd Hunter McGaw. Todd is one of those quirky creative types, his ideas are gold, and he shared how he has developed his business to attract the type of clients who want his creative bent.  “TP’s” were discussed, that’s Todd code for tURNing pOINT. Thanks Todd, it is great to see where you have taken your business to, I’ve enjoyed our “Business” chats over the years, love your work.

Jasmine* had a workshop where she talked about branding, marketing, and presenting who you are, great tips, many ideas noted.

The kicker on the last day was the final session by Matt and Katie. Sharing their own personal story, warts and all, tears were flowing on and off the stage. A wedding spoof video got everyone laughing, a doco video of a newborn got me thinking about my own son, and words straight for the heart about the importance of work family balance, having time for you and your loved ones, not working yourself into the ground, this got everyone thinking.

Family was the theme of the day on Monday. How many of us have had to say to our kids, not now, I just have to finish this for a client. Seeing our children’s faces as they walk away heartbroken is a sad sight. The atmosphere while Matt and Katie were on stage was thick with personal reflection and empathy for our fellow photographers.

How does such a fabulous conference like this finish, the air was so heavy at this point, something was needed. THIS gleeful moment was the perfect antidote! Thanks M&K, you guys rock, thank you for sharing.

So where am I now, well personal reflections have been hitting me this week. The theme of family was dominant, this is close to my heart. Simplicity, branding and differentiation were other main themes. Was it worth going to the HOTD? Hell yeah, I leant heaps and have come away inspired. Get your diary out and book in for “the Dog” for 2012."

~ John Reyment, Reyment Photographics, 2011.