Megan Rizzo - QLD

The devil is definitely in the detail, and images by Megan Rizzo, a multi-award winning photographer and Accredited member of the AIPP, are more than one dimensional.

Her keen eye for detail, her study of body language/posing & styling and her artistic ability allows her to capture the complex story of her subject, leaving the viewer with a very personalised reaction to her work.

At face value, the images are truly beautiful works of art, but they are so much more.  The story behind the smile, the lighting, the background, the props, or the eyes, poses more questions than answers, taking people on an intimate journey.

Megan intuitively reads her subjects, teasing out their stories, bringing her own personality and experiences, both good and bad, to capture a moment in time in its rawest form.

Building a level of trust between the photographer and subject is crucial and Megan's warmth, patience, empathy, humour and creativity create a safe haven for her subject to feel at ease.  Her repeat customers can testify to this.

Megan’s energy and dedication to her profession has seen her photographic repertoire expand from portraiture to fashion, food, corporate, and niche styles such as pin-ups, burlesque babes, rockabilly and more. 

Megan’s studio is situated in the heart of the Gold Coast at Burleigh Heads, and she would be delighted to welcome you into her creative process to learn how she brings her visions to life 

"I have loved art, photography & cameras of all types, from a young age and was fortunate enough to have an Art Teacher at school (in the late 80's!) who inspired and bewildered me all at the same time. I enjoyed the most wonderful days in the darkroom processing my own black and white prints taken with the school SLR. I am now following the magical path that always held and captivated my heart... 

Live your truth, be bold, be free" - Megan xx



Is there a particular subset of photographers attending this conference that your session is aimed at?

No natural light here!! Studio Photography is alive and well and Megan Rizzo proves it. Megan will guide you through how she poses, guides, speaks to and lights her subjects to achieve the exact "feeling" she is after.


If you love to create, not only images, but also the costumes, the props, the makeup, the hairstyling, the entire look, then come along and see how Megan has put together her images. From the sketchbook up.