Kelly Tunney - ACT

Born and raised in Canberra, a current hotbed of fine photography in Australia.

Kelly Tunney originally followed a traditional path, but a couple of years working as a public servant soon cured her of that. After deciding that the clarinet was not her way to fame and fortune (no, that realisation didn’t come on band camp), Kelly decided that photography was her way to be awesome, and it’s been her life ever since. 

Her images embody the way she relates to the world – they’re candid, honest, fearless and warm; and they always manage to find the amazing in everyone.

Kelly relishes in the agony and ecstasy of imagining and creating contrasts to play with in her images. She secretly enjoy the rush that comes with the fear of pushing boundaries as far as they can be moved.

She is the co-founder of All Grown Up Photography Group with fellow photographer and mate, Dan O’Day.

Even though she’s kind of short, don’t let that fool you, it just means that she gets a better angle on the world than everyone else. Kelly is also the current 2016 ACT Professional Photographer of the Year and also, the 2015 AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year (the first Female to ever win the prestigious award in it’s 40+ year history) 


Dan & Kelly SESSIONS


Both Kelly and Dan have been shooting weddings and running successful businesses’ for the past 10 years.

There are many reasons this is the case, a lot of it is community-based and having someone to keep you accountable to your personal and business goals.

You need to first of all let the world know you exist and secondly what it is that is unique or special about you and what you offer.

They will be touching on separating yourself and your brand from the crowd, competitions process the pro’s and cons and how to help maintain longevity in this crazy industry.

  • The power of community
  • Keeping your enemies close (there is enough love to go around)
  • Exit strategies / retirement plans
  • Collaboration
  • Creating and evolving a wedding agency
  • Longevity in the wedding industry
  • Methods of holding yourself accountable to your business and personal goals
  • Award processes and our experience
  • Alternative business models
  • Sharing and how it can grow your business
  • Don’t hold your cards too close to your chest
  • Practical ways of separating yourself and your brand from the crowd


This will be a 90 minute guided Q&A session with Dan and Kelly. There will be topics suggested to discuss, however this will ultimately be an open forum do discuss anything business, creative, technical or personal. 

This class is design so that every who attends can walk away with an answer or many answers to your own questions.