Gee Greenslade - SA

There are few photographers who can stop people in their tracks like Gee Greenslade.  Her work stands out on its own as truly artistic and unique, as does her persona.  Although Gee seems to have burst onto the scene in the past two years (winning multiple accolades at SAPPA and APPA 2015 and 2016), she started producing illustrative photography around the time digital processing began.  Some of her single final images are comprised of over eighty photographs and even more layers, with files sizes comparable to high quality movie files!

Based in Adelaide South Australia, Gee was made a Master of Photography by the Australian Institute of professional photography in 2016. Described by Infocus Magazine in 2013 as being a Master Manipulator, Gee is a photoshop nerd, with over twelve years experience creating surreal digital artworks.

She is the two-time Australian Illustrative Photographer of the year and was the 2015 South Australian Professional Photographer of the year.

Her work has been exhibited all over the world. All of that sounds super fancy - and it is, but the real Gee Greenslade is a self-professed geek, ukulele enthusiast and dog lover. She lives in Adelaide with her assistant Richie - the little black dog who she loves more than anything on this planet.

Oh, and if you are going to have a chat with her, her name is pronounced "Gee," as in "Oh Em Gee, you are amazing!!"



In-depth with GEE

Is there a particular subset of photographers attending this conference that your session is aimed at?
Mostly photographers entering the industry, photographers interested in working as artists, photographers who handle harsh criticism either from outer sources to negative self talk or photographers struggling with the confidence to express themselves visually and openly. 

As an attendee, what will I learn? How will my photography life be changed by what you have to say to me?
I hope to show photographers how boldly telling their stories can change the world around them. How learning to live with our inner critics and feelings of "Not good enough" and instead embracing all the weird crazy pieces of yourself can create images that go places you never thought before. 

HOTD attendees include full- and part-time photographers across multiple genres. What do you have in common with them?
I'm one of them! I'm a photographer who has worked for many photographers across multiple genres including portrait, pets, wedding, architecture, fashion and commercial. I work as both an artist and a retouch artist 

What speaking experience do you have? Are there any particularly memorable moments or speaking engagements you are proud of?

I have been a lecturer in photography and spoken at many workshops, however my proudest speaking moment was Pitcher This, where I won a grant to make my most recent project 1000 paper cranes based off a pitch telling the story of my family and their association to Hiroshima. I'm also super proud of the artists talks I have created for We could have moved Mountains, my exhibition currently on show. 

How long have you been in business?
7 years

Who inspires you?
Gregory Crewdson, meeting him changed my life

Please list your top 5 songs to listen to when you are editing/working?
A Silver Mt Zion - Built then Burnt Hurrah Hurrah
Mt Eerie - The Microphones
The Red Paintings - Walls
Amanda Palmer - Runs in the Family
Chance Waters - Maybe Tomorrow

What’s in your Camera Bag? What’s your favourite lens?
I shoot with a Nikon D800, a nikkor 50mm 1.8, an 85mm 1.8 and a sigma 24mm 2.4.  My favourite is my nifty fifty, I'm a prime lens snob!


Keynote presentation

My work is an exploration of digital storytelling, using modern technology and experimental techniques to re-learn how to play and engage with the world. The overarching theme is "You cannot get away from yourself" - a story that begins growing up in domestic violence, learning to own that and incorporate it into my photography. I combine many creative endeavours throughout my work, including storytelling, illustration, written word, sculpture and sound. This talk aims to show how your weird curiosities and creative endeavours and stories are often more important to photographic development than the photography itself. How learning to use photography as a conversation and not just a pretty picture is important to your own well-being and photographic life. 

Seminar sessions

Let's get loose and crazy with technology!!  Gee will take you on a journey through glitch art and images as sound, building and creating scenery out of camera to create into a digital composite, then piecing images together in photoshop.  You will discover how to use experimental digital techniques such as working with sound, Google's neural networks and corrupted image data to bring fun new ideas into your work.  Learn a simple to use, non-destructive workflow and creative space in photoshop to free yourself up to for bigger, more interesting and explorative image creations.

Gee's sessions are aimed at photographers with a base knowledge of photoshop/lightroom who want to take it to the next step.