Elise Gow - QLD

To say Australia photographer Elise Gow is passionate about colour is an understatement. She lives and breathes colour. Her baby and family images are not only colourful they are vibrant, full of life and layered with delicious textures.  Elise has developed a unique style all of her own - relaxed, colourful, fresh and natural all at the same time.

Elise is a also driven photographer who believes that you should love what you do, work hard and still be able to achieve the elusive work/life/family balance. After 22 years as a professional photographer and 13 years running her own business - she knows a thing or two about success.  Elise loves seeing others suceed in their photography business and teaches across Australia in person and across the world through Online Learning. 


What is your studio name?
Elise Gow Photography

How long have you been in business?
13 years running my own business - 22 years as a photographer

HOTD attendees include full- and part-time photographers across multiple genres. What do you have in common with them?
I'm a working mother balancing running a household as well as a full-time business from home. I'm self employed. I love photography and don't always love running a photography business. I have fabulous and not so fabulous clients that I need to deal with on a daily basis.

What speaking experience do you have? Are there any particularly memorable moments or speaking engagements you are proud of?
I have spoken At Baby Summit 2016 - I did a 90 mins presentation on work/life balance and running a successful photography business as well as 90 demonstration photographing an awake older baby with a lifestyle feel. Prop Fair 2016 (workshops and public speaking) at the folllowing locations: Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney I have run several workshops both alone and with collegue Luisa Dunn across Australia. In 2017 we are off to Uk & USA to teach more workshops.

What gear/software/tool could you not live without?

My Nikon D800, Photoshop, Photo Mechanic & Fundy oh and Portraiture Plugin!

Who inspires you and why?

I take inspiration from other areas outside photography and follow designers such as Cath Kidston and artist Helen Didak for their colourful and brilliant work.

Please list your top 5 songs to listen to when you are editing/working.
Anything cheesy and 80/90's and I'm there! Richard Marx, Michael Bolton, Mike and the Mechanics, Taylor Dane, Janet Jackson.

What’s in your Camera Bag? What’s your favourite lens?
I shoot with 2 Nikon D800's and I generally only use my Sigma Art 50mm Lens (my fav!!!) and my Nikon 24mm.


Elise will be speaking about finding that elusive work/life balance. Spend more time away from the computer and more time with your family. LOVE what you do- if not- what's the point of it all? Love what you do, find balance and still be successful in business. You CAN have it all.

Rediscover your love and spark for photography which may have been lost whilst trying to run a photography business. I break down how you can find your phojo again, you can enjoy your work, you can make money from it whilst still being a happy person who is present in your family's lives. Take the selling out of In Person Sales and only work on images that you are getting paid to work on. 

Learn how to say no. Learn how to save yourself hours of editing work on the computer. Learn how to take the sales out of In Person Selling. Learn how to value yourself and your time.

Is there a particular subset of photographers attending this conference that your session is aimed at?
Newborn and family photographers, however a lot of the principles can be applied to photographers who run their own businesses right across all genres.