Damian Caniglia - QLD

Damian Caniglia is a full-time photographer and graduate of Griffith University and The Queensland College of Art. His current work includes approx. 3 months of the year guiding both commercially and photographic based tours internationally, as well as commissioned film and photographic based projects both within Australia and overseas. 

While in Australia his work is spread across landscape and art projects in photographic stills and film based mediums as well as media content production, specialising within the Environmental Advocacy and the Mental and Community Health Sector.

Damian's international work has seen him travel to all 7 continents including both the Antarctic and Arctic regions as well as Papua New Guinea, Nepal, India and Southern Africa. With a growing list of publications that have used images and footage including Australian Geographic, Lonely Planet, Rock Climbing Magazine, Inside Sport and the front cover of "The Architect of Kokoda", he is focused on returning with images and footage that speak of the people and places he visits, as well as helping those he travels with to get the most out of using their cameras to document their own experiences. Much of Damian's work has been sold as art prints proudly hanging on many walls.

Damian is currently based on the Gold Coast and is continuing to explore new ways to tell the stories of the places he visits and people he meets.


MORE ABOUT Damian presentation 

Learn how, as a travel photographer, visual content and storytelling are critical in order to help people understand at a deeper level the destination, culture, people or landscapes being presented, whether it be as a whole or micro-stories, and why the narrative should be a significant factor in driving your image making.

Damian hopes to encourage and discuss the options we have available for us to story tell and how this can provide a deeper connection with the places we wish to show through images and by filming and capturing audio as well.  Ultimately this creates a more immersive and emotional experience for viewers.