Katie Kolenberg & Jeremy Byrnes - ACT

Katie Kolenberg was born to two artist parents, and grew up in art galleries and studios, surrounded by books, paintings and eccentrics. She studied both theatre and graphic design, and started various careers before moving into portrait photography after the birth of her son Toby in 2007. She established Heartstory in Canberra in 2009, which at the time specialised in lifestyle family portraiture.

Jeremy Byrnes became a professional photographer in his early 20s when he began working with two of Australia’s leading wedding and portrait studios in Sydney and Brisbane. He then started his own wedding and portrait studio in the late 90s, establishing himself as one of the most sought after wedding photographers for the Sydney Jewish community, as well as shooting family portraits on the northern beaches of Sydney. 

Katie and Jeremy met on the dancefloor of an industry event in late 2012. They merged their businesses in 2014 and formed a new company under Katie’s established Canberra brand, Heartstory. Heartstory currently photographs 200+ family portrait sessions a year and small handful of weddings in Sydney and Canberra. Between them they have been awarded AIPP ACT Family Photographer of the Year for the last three years. Katie won AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the Year in 2015, while Jeremy was a finalist, and Katie was also a finalist in 2016. 




Art + business, that crazy combo

Whether or not you agree with the concept of people being left/right brain dominated, the fact is that we photographers tend to need to combine business skills with artistic skills in order to make a living. And it’s not easy. We reckon we do all right at it though. Our business feeds us both literally and figuratively, and we’d like to share some of our processes and experiences with you.


Ignore the digital file obsession and sell printed product to every client 

You want to sell prints but everyone keeps asking for digital. 
You like the idea of it but don’t know how to price it.
You like the idea of it but it’s too much work. 
You’re sick of competing with shoot and burners.
You don’t want to be a salesperson. 
You want a better average sale. 
You’re not making enough money. 

If any of these is you, this session could change your perspective and give you a way forward. We sell printed product to every client, our average sale is $2400, and we’re going to share our communication, pricing and selling strategies.